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Hi there, so I recently purchased an 8 week old Male beagle from a recognized breeder and have had several issues with him scratching to the point where he has bald patches, here’s a run down of what’s happened:

-When we received him we noticed shortly he had ear mites, and a yeast infection in ears, we handled both issues and keep ears clean.
- he still kept scratching his head and body so we changed his food from chicken to a good beef
- he was still scratching and getting small bald patches, we did a skin scrape test with vet and she said he has demodex canis, another mite, we gave him medication for that as well.

He’s still scratching, excessively, and biting his fur and paws. Does Anyone have any advice on maybe what allergy he could have or what’s causing this? And maybe some advice on a type of food to go with? Thank you so much in advance.
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