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Cat Hissing: Reasons Why Your Cat Keeps Hissing, And What You Should do About it

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Hearing your cat hissing and growling can be quite scary. Whether he’s hissing at other cats, dogs, or even you, it can make you nervous. It is important to remember that your cat is not hissing to be a bully or to be evil. Whistling is a basic form of communication for cats and should sound intimidating. That’s the point! The best thing you can do to help a cat hissing is to understand its language and the motivations behind its hiss.
In this article, Fasheed will help you find out the most common reasons why your cat always keeps hissing more than usual.
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Cats can hiss for many different reasons. Sometimes they hiss out of anger and sometimes because of health problems. So it's worth seeing a veterinarian make sure your cat is okay. My cat used to have health problems because I fed him at different times. I work a lot and sometimes come home from work quite late. I decided to buy an automatic cat food dispenser to solve this problem. I found an awesome dispenser on this website 5 Time Release Cat Food Dispensers for Portion Feeding and bought it. I think it's a smart investment.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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