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Our year old grand dog Dexter has been house broken for 6 months. When he has to go, he goes to the front door. We put him on a leash and take him out front to do his business.

We got a backyard fence yesterday, and we are trying to get him to change his routine, and start going in the backyard.

We have tried both, taking him out back with a leash, and without a leash. He has only gone one time (peed) in the backyard, and that was 4 in the morning when he had to pee bad enough. I took him out back on a leash.

He still insists on doing his business in the front yard.

He is also very difficult to get him to come inside, when he is out back without a leash.

1. Any suggestions/advice on how to get him to change his routine to go out back?

2. Also how to get him to come in when we want him to.

Thanks in advance,


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They can be stubborn can't they!?

One of my beagles will rarely pee on a walk, she does it when she gets home to her yard.

There is spray you can get that is supposed to get them to pee from the scent. I used it when I first rescued Molly and she wouldn't pee outside. Be sure to super praise him when he does pee in the yard.

As for getting him to come in when called....the cookie always works for me! I just say the word cookie and all three come running.
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