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Charlie the beagle videos

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I think that i will post my videos in one Thread to avoid to many posts :D

Charlie the beagle is getting ready for his play date:

Laura did a good job on our dog Charlie ...what a strong love bond they have together...

I love how Laura holds up the mirror at the end to show Charles how handsome he looks :D

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Pie Face is the only game where dogs like to lose. Laura and Charlie had an amazing time, lot of fun and laughs :D
Sir Charles thinks he is a human and he doesn't like to eat from his bowls or table anymore. He wants to eat only from the plate. !!!Beagles never STOPS surprising me:D!!!
Poor Charlie doesn't understand a baby Laura and to pleased her, He decides to give her everything He could imagine unless what she really wanted.
Now I know what our dog is doing when we are not at home
We are testing Petcube ( review this week) and we always thought that our Charlie just lies and waiting for us when we are gone :D
This is the first video where i decided to talk. English is not my native language so be kind :)
Today we would like to share with you our first impression of Petcube Play camera.
Laura wants to show you how she puts to sleep her best friend so I recorded it for you.Charlie is very spoiled beagle����
Daddy: Laura,do you want to make a new video?
Laura: Yes....about magic frog?
D: Magic frog????
L: Yes, but nobody likes her because she is really bad, she annoys all sleeping dogs and Charlie too.
You have to catch this evil frog in the magic's only one way to stop her.....
Why I asked her this question?
But it was worth it because We had an amazing time, lot of fun and laughs, and video is just awesome
I hope you enjoy this video. Tap like or share button if you did
This is one of the last videos with Ollie, Laura and Charlie snuggling together
My parents taught me how to love animals and I wanted to do the same thing for my daughter. Now I know that she loves her dog more than anything. The world could be a better place for animals if all parents did the same.
I did this video for Charlie's fifth birthday and I think this is my best video.
In his short life he has proven to the world that beagles are NOT STUPID and they love nothing more than to be a part of a family.
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