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Chickens and dogs

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I have an area I used to have chickens, I am wanting to bring a dog to that area and use the very nice K-9 house my husband built a few yrs ago as a template for the dogs we ended up using for the chickens and its too heavy to move , the area is about 40x40 and perfect for the dog but I am afraid to expose her to the chickens area, the chickens have been gone since early spring and I have bleached the coop (dog house) but does anyone know how long the ground might keep an organisms? or what I can use to kill any lingering issues?
Thank you
Deb Dikeman
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Deb Dikeman ,

If you have not used the area yet , it is my understanding that if you sweep up loose dry chic poop and spread powdered lime and let it weather for a while the sun/rain will take care of the rest with time.
As for the K-9 house it will depend how well you were able to clean the interior cracks and corners that the poop gets down into and later becomes dust and later can be breathed by dogs.
You can buy sanitizer for industrial chicken/poultry barn operations at your local farm supply and wet everything down and let sit and re-wash. I would think if you did this it would greatly lower risk to dogs.

Good Luck , oldhounddog

I've heard that chicken farms if not taken care properly can lead to disastrous effects on the surroundings. The number one effect is the emergence of many diseases, one of which is Bird flu which is deadly for humans and dogs.
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