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Christmas Day Scare

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This morning my beagle Toby had a seizure as he was receiving his gifts. It was so shocking that I couldn't do any more than sit there and cry as my dad and brother worked on him. Then I realized that there were no vets open today. Thank God he got through it like a pro and my dad knew what to do. I laid on his huge dog bed with him for a few hours and finally he was able to get up and walk over to his dog bowl to get some water. Then he tried to comfort ME by licking my cheeks as I was still crying. Was a close call and he will be at the vet's bright and early Monday morning. As of right now, he is being closely monitored by the whole family. Any advice for taking care of him until Monday?
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Oh no, how scarey! Thank goodness you had your dad there to help. I never had a dog with siezures but this might be of help:
I'm curious if it was actually a seizure? Did you ever find out?

My beagle developed Congestive Heart Failure. She has "cough-drops" where she falls over and appears to be having a seizure, but it isn't. Her heart stops. She has been seing a cardiologist for 2 years now and we seem to have it under control.
well it turns out that it was a seizure. and when we took him to the vet, they said that he had severe case of heartworms. idk how that snuck by us because he gets heartworms treatments all the time. now he is in so much pain he is scheduled to be put to sleep next week sometime because if he has the treatments that cost more than I can afford, he will still have seizures all the time that require a certain medication and he may also have cancer. so its just not good all around. at least he will not have to die in pain in later stages of this disease. thanks for checking up on him. soon he will be in a place better than in his painfilled body. we are going to have a memorial service the day of his passing. will post pic of his grave. it will be the saddest day of my life, losing my best friend.
Oh my gosh I'm sooo sorry! I worked for a vet for several years and saw several heartworm cases. The treatment is very risky and isn't always a happy ending. It is a very hard decision to make :(
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