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Crate Training

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My Hanna needs to undergo crate training. I often leave her alone the whole day for several hours and at present I'm just leaving her at the laundry room and I get home to a lot of mess that I have to clean up every single day that she stays inside.

Any suggestions?
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when we crate trained Badger we started at night by putting him to bed and I put the crate beside me. that way he knew I was there. Then when I would go out I would put him in the crate with a bone or a chewy, when he was occupied I would slip out the door. He took crate training very well and didn't make a big fuss.
We did also get him a really big crate to so he had lots of movement in it.
Hanna isn't happy. Hanna is bored. Take Hanna for a walk before you leave. Do as Badger'sMom says...give a treat or toy. I agree with kennel training a beagle as they can easily get into lots of trouble if they are bored or unhappy to be alone. A crate keeps them safe from chewing something pillow batting.
Take Hanna for a walk when you get home. Play fetch or something so Hanna knows it is great when you come home.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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