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I am not new to beagles. I know that puppys get crazy poop sometimes, but I am perplexed at this one. I rescued a puppy that is 7 months old from a person who didn't want him. Long story short, I don't know alot about this beagle. He lived outside on a chian under a tree attached to a dog house. Imagine someone treating a beagle like a common dog.... I took him to a vet, he was nuetered, vaccinated two weeks ago. Blood tested for all kinds of things...including parvo, all negitive. I saw a stool that looked like red bloody jelly. Vet said worms. So, he was given a dewormer Drontal. Today, he had the same type of event, bloody red jelly poop. I went back to the vet, dewormed again and a dose to be given in 2 weeks.

Is this normal? I have never seen such on my life and I have raised alot of beagles and labs.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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