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Cross breeding a beagle

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I would like to cross a beagle (female) with a poodle...the same size. Before everybody pounces on me let me explain.
I am retired and live full time in northeast Thailand. I have had about 10 dogs since I retired, now usually keep 2 to
keep me company when I go for my daily walk...about 1.5 hr a day. Feeling bad about being responsible for my min pin's
death, my thai wife got a beagle without talking to me about it, and of course, I fell in love with it on sight. Now I know...
rural Thailand is no place for a beagle because:
it is not an inside dog
it is a pack dog
it is a sniffer
thais don't look after their dogs unless they are show dogs

So, it is very lonely, the other dog of mine, a full-size heinz guard dog, only tolerates her because I told him to, or else.
In another year when she's ready to have pups, I want her to have non-pure beagle pups, because I'd never sell a pure beagle pup
to a thai.
So I want to cross her with a local poodle, and if I get one now, in a year he could be the dad. I have had local poodles before, and
they fit in well here......many poodles around..maybe from the French, who used to be in Laos.
What do you think? I have to get another dog for her, because she is just driving us crazy.
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Is it possible for you to rescue a dog from a shelter instead of having a litter of puppies? That way she would have a friend immediately and you wouldn't have to find homes for a bunch of puppies. I would imagine a beagle/poodle cross would be a very smart dog!
There is no such thing as an animal shelter here.....thai people have no love for their licence, no collar, no birth control. When the stray dog population gets too large, someone calls the "dog truck' who comes, picks up any dogs it finds on the street, ships them to Viet know the rest.
They ridicule me for keeping my dog on a leash.
I don't understand why you have to breed her at all? Get another little companion for her, sure, but why do they have to reproduce if you know Thai people "don't take care of their dogs" and that it would probably be difficult to re-home all those puppies? Personally I wouldn't want to add more dogs to an area where they are routinely shipped off to be put down...
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