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Delayed Trauma?

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My poor Bagel the Beagle had a trauma on Monday. She is generally great on walks, her recall is very good, she never really strays far from us. But she is anxious when she hears a noise she doesnt like. It could be building work, a motorbike, kids shouting, certain dogs barking... its hard to work out what is going to spook her - she is fine with trains, traffic, loud music etc. Anyway, so on Monday we were in the local park, where we take her 3 x a day, its a large lovely park with woodlands and a river - she knows it well. It has several gates, which you pass en route around the perimeter of the park, we've never had any problem, but on Monday something spooked her and she bolted out one of the gates - a gate that leads directly on to the motorway! My partner screamed at the top of his voice which stalled her a little and probably saved her life, she was hit by a car but not badly, she then bolted again and to cut a long story short we picked her up from a dog pound 4 hours and 5 miles later. It was an awful day all round, we had the whole dog community searching for her... anyway, she was fine. We took her to the vet, she had a little sore face and nose where she was skimmed by the tire, but aside from that fine.

That was Monday. Its now Thursday and we've had 2 incidents. Last night we were playing with her in the house, playing tug of war on top of the bed (our bed), she got really excited and then started digging the bed (she does this all the time), but then peed! She is totally house trained, has been for months so this was really odd. And then today, she stole a bag I had stupidly left in her reach (she's a big chewer), and when my partner tried to get it off her she growled - which happens sometimes but not often, but then she peed in her bed...

So, Im worried she has some kind of delayed trauma... Does anyway have any experience of this kind of thing?


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How old is your Beagle? Sometimes, even when fully trained, if their adult teeth are coming in they have accidents.

That does not account for the park incident. She might have seen something you didn't though - and ran after it. Also, it sounds like she ran into a car, which one of my dogs did once. She saw me leave the house. Pushed through a window after me and bolted across a street and ran into a car. The poor driver thought she hit the dog but it was the other way around.

Sounds like she either saw something & ran after it, or, just got too excited being out. Sometimes if it is cooler & crisper out my dog is more feisty and won't listen as well when unleashed.

Hope this helps.
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