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Hi Judit ,
From reading your post you have obviously worked very hard and still having flea trouble.

Something is being missed or things would be improved by now.

OK , as far as the dog goes , for now stay with the Sentinel and Comfortis and don't miss a dose. More on this later..............

For now try this for a plan , and it will be good to get some help, perhaps on a weekend.

You will need to treat the outside yard with a good insecticide. The one I use is Spectracide for yard pests, I get it at Walmart.

To apply use a tank sprayer or hose end sprayer , mix as directed. Apply starting at the house foundation all the way around and include any porch,steps patio and garage/carport and treat out at least 50 feet from house in a continuous circle.
Do not let pets or people walk on this until dry. Note: Do this on a day that you expect no rain for at least 48 hrs.

What you are doing inside should work , however , think about areas that may be missed when you used the "flea Bomb".
For example , the bomb does not get under beds , some tables, china cabinet sofa cushions etc. So as you can see , you have
done a lot of work , but could have missed a few places and this is important with fleas. Note: turn off AC and anything with a gas pilot as bomb may be flammable, and plan to be away from home for a few hrs.

The vacuum is the biggest weapon you have when doing battle with fleas. You should use a generic flea collar inside the disposable vac bag and vacuum as much as you can at one time and try to get under things as best you. Note: Get someone to help you if you can as the vacuuming up of adult fleas ,eggs, larvae and pupa is a big part of this fight. Just as soon as you stop/finish vacuuming , remove the vac bag, quickly put in a plastic bag and tie and put outside'

There is a 3 week window in flea life cycle that make is it advantageous to use the flea bomb and spray under everything you can again in 3 weeks following the first major attempt. This should put the breaks on the fleas, just give it a try when you have some help..........

Best , oldhounddog

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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