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is it possible to have coccidia for 7 months?i have a terrier in england and
am at my wits end.last august he was kenneled on picking him up he had
"sloppy" poo which sumtimes has blood in it.each day it usualy start off
fairly normal then gets wors as day goes on.the vet diagnose colitis even tho
i said it started after kennels.he use to be able to eat anything he has lost
weight and suddenly acts his age 10.after 4 months the vet did a stool test
this was not from fresh poo i had to collect one smple a day,put in in a pot
then after 3 days take it to the vet.campybacta was diagnose and put on
antibiotics but no change.they are now going back down the colitis path coz
had another poo test and it was clear.they sad it cant be coccidias or
anything like that.i have contacted the kennels and his own dog had the same
thing which only cleared up after they were put on some sort of sulpha tablet
but he cant remember the name.I am from england.the vet wants my dog to take
high dose of steroids which i am not keen to do,i dont think they are really
listenin wen i say this only started after kennel visit.I am desperate any
advice or opinion would be extremly grateful.Like i said this has been going
on since last summer the kennels he visited is next to a river which often
floods .I know you are not a vet but please please reply thank you
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is it possible to have coccidia for 7 months?
scoope ,

First off avoid the steriods for now...

Yes , it is possible to have coccidia for 7 mos.

I find Vets do a lot of guessing when they have no clear test results.

Mucosy covered stool with blood and strong odor sounds like coccidia or giardia. Both of these parasites have very similar symptoms and sometimes a stool sample will not test pos even if the dog has the parasite.

Do you have access to Vet type meds?

The sulfadimethoxine ( sulfa drug ) will treat the coccidia. Giardia can be treated Flagyl , Panacur or Drontal Plus. We have a lot of information on our site here about these and other parasites. As for the colitis path I just do not know enough about your dog to say , however , what we see the most is either coccidia or giardia around here.

Would you please say what drugs your dog was treated with from the start?

If it was my dog I would treat for coccidia and giardia and see if any improvement. More information on this if needed........

If I left anything out please post any questions.


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My beagle had coccidia for about 6 months, from the time I brought her home at 8 weeks. Difficult stool, mucus covered, often bloody just at the end.
We went through similar probs trying to track it down; vet thinking colitis, etc... but the meds for coccidia (don't remember which) was what finally cleared her up.
thank you so much at least i know im not going mad!my vet told me it was not poss to have coccidia for this long so after only one clear (not fresh )stool sample has completly ruled it out.we go back to the vet later this week, think i will try and convince him to just treat for coccidia and see what happens.Thanks again
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