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I also think that cats are much better than dogs. Let's start with the fact that cats are often much smaller than dogs, if you do not take into account breeds such as Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier. This means that these cute and purring pussies can be safely started even in the smallest apartments, such as a studio or one-room apartments. There will be enough space for them in the form of a small booth that will fit in any free corner of your home or a small labyrinth with a soft house. By the way, I decided to get a cat breed laperm . Laperm are playful and curious. They will definitely be interested in everything that happens around. Moreover, they will certainly participate in the life of the family and in every possible way try to attract attention to themselves. Sitting quietly on the sidelines and observing is not about laperm! The love of these cats extends to everyone. And first of all, of course, for children. LaPerm are very sensitive and caring. With the right upbringing, they will never scratch, bite or offend the baby. They are quite careful and careful in dealing with children. They behave calmly with dogs, they perceive them as potential friends, not enemies. But only if the dog respects the cat's space.
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