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Does anyone watch the Dog Whisperer?

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I love Cesar and can't get enough of the show!

Do u all think its possible that he is so in tune with the dogs??? or is it just made for tv?
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I think it is possible. I have seen people be very in tune with animals.
I have only watched that show once and thought it was good.
I know that I probably sound stupid, but I've never heard of "The Dog Whsperer." What network is it on and has it been on television for a long time?
It has been on for some time, can't really say how long since I am not a regular watcher of it. It is on Animal Planet here.
I don't watch the show, but I do believe that it is possible.

I'll need to catch it on Animal Planet, then. I believe that such a talent for talking to animals is, indeed, possible.
It is interesting as most pet owners feel they can communicate with their own pet. It is a different story to communicate with a pet you are not familiar with.
A friend of mine does love to watch the show and often tells me about it so I get a bit of the story there.

I love this show! I think its great, I have learned a lot by watching it and have also read a couple of his books that came in handy, especially when it comes to walking Badger on a leash
I prefer to believing that is true. Caser was a talent, also a lonely man. So he needed a loyal friend, his dog.
I love that show. It actually gives some good advice. It sounded like it would be ridiculous at first but its really good.
has anyone been to one of his shows? I got tickets given to me for one of his shows he puts on. I am excited to go!!!
It is on National Geografic Channel. I watched almost all the shows and learned a lot of things but I don't agree with everything. I have my own opinion as well.
Let me just say if I rollerblade with my dog for an hour he is the best dog for the rest of the day.
And Cesar is a lonely man? He has a wife and two sons.
Who knows? I learned he is getting a divorce...
He has many useful tips. He really knows how to communicate and express concern for the dogs on his show!!
I believe that you can have a very strong non-verbal communication with your dog but it takes longer to develop than Ceaser leads you to believe.
Anyway, it's a tv show, I like the show but it's not real life.
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