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Hi, I have 3 beagles, and they all get ear infections a couple of times a year. I wash them with a washrag often, and even gently use Q tips with a little drop of baby oil on them. You have to be careful about that, they get kind of fidgety!
I also got some ear cleaning drops at pet smart and us them weekly. My one (the boy) has allergies like crazy, so he has a particular problem with his ears, and scratches them until they are really red. He has to take benadryl daily for his allergies.
When they do get an infection in their ears, the doctor gives them an antibiotic and ear drops too. The ear drops have to be kept in the fridge, so they really, really do not like them. So, keep on cleaning!! It is easier than chasing them around behind the couch when they hide from you with the ear drop bottle!!!
I would love to find a way to pin their ears up for a while each day so the air could get in there and dry them out a little bit!! Maybe I will invent "Beagle Barrettes" to solve the problem!!
Gotta love them, they are just like kids!!
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