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This morning around 7am my husband was walking Citrine and her dad. Another person was walking a large dog. And let go or lost hold of the dog’s leash. The dog attacked Citrine. My husband was able to grab up her dad, and had to kick the attacking dog in the ribs to get it to stop. This led to the attacking dog snapping and biting my husband’s foot as well. The other dog owner called their dog or grabbed the dog (my husband didn’t see) and took off. All my husband knew was when he got ahold of his senses, the owner was gone. They left this poor dog and my husband bleeding in the middle of the sidewalk. As soon as i could get her into a vet I rushed her there. He told me she was stable. A puncture wound on the back of her head, and one on her neck. A hernia that developed on her abdomen. And the worse part - her upper jaw was completely broke. He was unable to help her because he did not have the tools to help her jaw. So he sent me to a specialist vet. I had to pay $500 to get them to look at her. $295 was a emergency fee. The rest is being held to go toward her treatment. The doctors took their time and checked Citrine out.
Here is her proposed treatment and the prices -

Tests/xrays/ivs/catheters - $2000
Surgery for hernia - $2500-3000
Surgery to put device in to help her jaw heal - $2500
Surgery to remove the device - $2500

I didnt know what to do. So now I am asking you - i know times are hard but Citrine needs your help. She is currently sitting at the Specialist Vet. She has an iv and is on pain meds. They are awaiting the go ahead to start her test. She needs your help. Please donate. Every dollar helps this sweet girl. Thank you in advance!

If you want to donate via paypal or applepay you can!

Paypal - PayPal.Me/queensmoak

Quickest way to Donate -
ApplePay - show contact info
Please just send a text saying - For Citrine

Thank you!
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