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Dog Mom of 2 here in Maine

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Hi Everybody
My name is Jennifer. I have a 12 year old beagle named Scooter and a 7 year old beagle/basset named Snoopy.
We live in Maine and are not looking forward to the cold.
I have had Scooter since he was a puppy and Snoopy I just got about 2 years ago. I love them very much and I treat them like they were children.
We love to go to the dog park. We go everyday. They mostly wander off and keep to themselves. Sometimes they find a dog they like and will play with them but that is very rare.
I hope we have fun on this site. It is nice to connect with other beagle owners from around the world.
If you would like we can even connect on facebook (the dogs hqave their own page too!) Let me know if you would like to be friends!
Hope to hear from you soon!
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Hiya Jennifer - so nice to have you, Scooter and Snoopy join us:)

Look forward to getting to know you three!!!!
Welcome. This site has helped me better understand my beagle and it will help you too, even if it is a little fact that you didnt know about your pup. I would love to be FB friends! I would love to talk about our beagles sometimes! Hope you like the site.
my daughter and her husband live in Rockland. She has hunted with me and the beagles since she was a baby. we've always had at least one beagle. Are you near there?
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