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Dogs in the Movies

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Do you have a favorite dog movie? Not TV, but dog? I think I have to go with the famous Lassie. No one beats Lassie, I don't think.

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Do you remember Benji? That was a cute story. I have always love the movie The Incredible Journey. I had my kids watch this the other day and they loved it.
It has to be the dog on Dr Doolittle, it made me laugh so much.
i actually got to meet Benji at a movie premiere in Flowood a couple years ago. it was really awesome. at the time he was my hero because he was so cool with his adventures and stuff.
I have to go with "Lou" in Dogz 'n Catz. That actually was the last "movie" I saw - took the grandkids to see it - at the time we had our first beagle - and I went on to breed championship line beagles and be owned by 11 beagles.
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