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Dook dook

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This may sound a little strange, but does anybody know why beagles make a strange 'dook dook' noise when they are sniffing sometimes? We think that it sounds hilarious, but don't know what one earth it is.
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mine does that. I was told it is because there are sniffing the scent through their mouths to taste it, I think most hounds do it, I had a blu tic hound once and he did the same thing. Thats why they can pick up a scent so quick.
That's interesting. I've not heard the "dook dook" noise before. I don't think our beagles have made that particular sound.

On the other hand, they do make loud and disgusting hacking, gagging and clearing their throat noises. And they've always seemed to do so right as we meet strangers while on walks. I've had people spin around and look directly at me, like it was me doing it.
Lol never heard that noise b4, but 2 be honest with you my Teddy makes some weird noises at times, alot of grunting & snuffling :)
my sara makes the dork noise when she is sniffing and her tail will be going in circles a mile a minute when she gets the scent she howlssssssss so cute
i havent heard that. maybe i just wasnt paying too much attention. next time we go for a walk, i will look for it. thats very fascinating.
Ohhhh that's what that is! Beagle #1 does that all the time, we call it her 'happy grunt' because she always seems to do it when she is really content (i.e. at the puppy park, going for walks, waiting for dinner, looking for hidden chicken necks in the back yard)
my dog did that hanging out the window on the way to Petsmart. he must have liked what he smelled or tasted because his tail was going crazy.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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