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Epilepsy in Beagles

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I heard Beagles can get seizures when they get older. Do all beagles get seizures in later stages of their life??
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My puppy might be having seizures and I'm worried about her I'm gonna take her to the vet but does anyone have any advice she is only 6 weeks old
I have a 10 year old beagle. She has had seizures for 6 years. The first time you see it, it is very scary, but once you understand that it is something that is going to happen you can handle it. She has about 1 a month. The vet said she may have more as she gets older but she hasn't yet. They start with a shake then she gets stiff and sometimes looses control of her urine, which is fairly recent thing. She feels very hot to the touch when she is having them.We just pet her and talk softly to her and when she starts to come out of it we wipe her face with a cool wet cloth and give her water. They last form 30 seconds to 2 minutes. We were told that the meds for siezures are hard on beagle's kidneys and liver. So we opted not to use them. We were also told that she could stop breathing during them when she is older, so far like I said she is 10 almost 11 years old and so far she is hanging in there. I think she will go form a heart attack first, she is very over weight. We figure we would love her and if she stops breathing when she has one, we will be with her.
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