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Does anyone have any experience with beagles and EPI? I have a 13 week old puppy who I believe may have this. Poor puppy has been through it ALL! I got him from a reputable breeder (championship beagles) at 9 weeks. He began to throw up his food with us. No vomiting before we brought him home. We went through MANY food changes thinking allergies. He has been in the hospital twice. Yes, they ruled out the more typical such as a blockage, worms, etc. Tested for liver shunt and his bile acids were very high (twice) so they suspect liver shunt...but he has never been tested for EPI and he seems to fit all of the symptoms. He doesn't seem to fit liver shunt other than the high bile acid tests but they can be high with EPI as well. He has gray colored stools. He is thin and unable to gain weight. He continues to lose weight. When we tried to change his food, increasing fat in his diet, he would begin to vomit. Right now, he is on DD, vet prescription. And it is low fat. Thursday, he is going to Tufts (we are in Massachusetts) for an ultrasound looking for liver shunt. But I plan to ask for the Ctli lab work that will test for EPI while there. I read that vets often miss this diagnosis.
No history of liver or pancreatic disease with the sire or the mother. The other two puppies in the litter are just fine.
Any suggestions you may have would be wonderful! Or if you have any experience with EPI! I am trying to save my puppy's precious life.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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