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first beagle (first puppy in 15 years)

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Hi all

We recently (yesterday) adopted a 7 month old beagle (mix?) puppy. She is super shy, and i am hoping for tips to get her to come out of her shell. She will not walk on a leash/collar (has not been experienced, i think), she has not eaten since we brought her home. I have to physically pick her up and take her outside for her to go potty. She wanders the yard like crazy (and doesnt come back to door), again, i have to catch her to bring her back. Once the door is shut, i put her on the floor, she will do a quick couple of laps around the dining room, and then will hide under the table and not come out on her own (left her there for a few hours). Same thing in crate - we leave the door open so she can come out if she wants. I have tried hand feeding her, she sometimes licks my hand (but not the food) and backs further away from me. Am i being impatient here or do i need to implement some tricks to get her more comfortable? Are beagle puppies usually this shy?

Thanks in advance for any/all help and tips.

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When I first got Dexter, I too had a problem with him not wanting to eat. Oh, he'd take a bite here and there, but never anything substantial. Finally, the vet told me to do what KCMike did: starve him. I was to put the bowl down once a day and only for 20min (I did it in the mornings). Finally, after two days of not eating anything at all, Dexter ate and actually finished what was in the bowl within that 20min. Now at 2yrs old, he's very food oriented: will do Anything for a scrap of food.

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