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first beagle (first puppy in 15 years)

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Hi all

We recently (yesterday) adopted a 7 month old beagle (mix?) puppy. She is super shy, and i am hoping for tips to get her to come out of her shell. She will not walk on a leash/collar (has not been experienced, i think), she has not eaten since we brought her home. I have to physically pick her up and take her outside for her to go potty. She wanders the yard like crazy (and doesnt come back to door), again, i have to catch her to bring her back. Once the door is shut, i put her on the floor, she will do a quick couple of laps around the dining room, and then will hide under the table and not come out on her own (left her there for a few hours). Same thing in crate - we leave the door open so she can come out if she wants. I have tried hand feeding her, she sometimes licks my hand (but not the food) and backs further away from me. Am i being impatient here or do i need to implement some tricks to get her more comfortable? Are beagle puppies usually this shy?

Thanks in advance for any/all help and tips.

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Just checking in to see if any advice offered before heading home to see my baby girl again. Hoping to make some progress with her tonight. Would hate to make a mistake and take backwards steps.


I followed a couple pieces of general advice i found in a few places. When i got home from work, I took her out of cage (where she still was, hubby said she never ventured more than a foot out of it). picked her up, put on a harness and a tie out chain and we went out for a potty break. Cant say she was a fan at first, but at least i didnt have to chase her around yard bring her in. Then once inside i put the lightweight (and shorter) leash on and had her follow me around. We sat down in recliner for a little bit where i held a treat or 2 in my hands. She eventually ate them (i knew she was hungry as she hadnt eaten yet). We been doing that pretty much all night, me keeping her close using a leash. Currently content to lay beside me, and follows me (somewhat) when walking around the house. Progress is good, and shes eaten a little (about 1/4 what bag says to give). So progress today, still a ways to go, and need a way to get hubby to bond as well (he just had surgery, cannot bend over or lift over 5 lbs). We are getting there, i think i was impatient and/or she was stuck in frame of mind of pure fear. I think she likes me now, lol.

thanks all, if anyone has further advice let me know, ill check back when i can.
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Yeah, that is looking like what i will need to do. She is eating about a quarter of what shes supposed to eat. But she is really doing a whole lot better in many other areas. She now walks comfortably on a leash (only behind me which i am not used to at all), she is also starting to explore the house a little bit. Caught her and the cat playing a little tag as well. Shes now asking to get up on furniture to sit next to us, shes coming out of cage without force. And now has some separation anxiety, especially at night when we put her in crate, sigh, lol. Been less than a week, so i would say great progress, just need to get the overnight yelping down so we can all sleep. Ive started taking her out on walks (outside the backyard), and shes starting to be willing to play, so hopefully ill be able to start wearing her out more during the day so that shes ready to sleep when we are. Would love some tips to keep separation anxiety down.

thanks all :)
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