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Fleas help

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Alright here is our problem are landlord has two out side dogs that are 10month old beagle loves to play with. When she comes inside from playing with them she always seems to have 2-3 fleas on her paws. Weve been picking them off for the past couple months with no real issue. Within the last month the number of fleas shes bring back into the house from the yard has been doubling fast. She is on a heart worm and flea monthly pill, and I bath her in adams flea shampoo once a week. IS there anything else i can do? I dont wanna have to speand money and wash our landlords dogs but if i have to i guess i will. If anyone has any suggestions on what to do and try please...
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Have 3 beagles outside and 3 inside it expensive but front line plus is what we use. use to pick lots of fleas and dont find any now that we use it we start it june til november works wonders
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