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Food for 3-month old Beagle

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My 3-month old Beagle puppy will be arriving tomorrow and I'm still not sure what food to give her. I've heard that dry kibbles are better than canned food. She's just a puppy and I want to start her healthy and all. any help here? Thanks in advance.
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At 3 months old your Beagle will certainly have one voracious appetite. Never be carried away by those soulful pleading eyes.

Try to work out a regular feeding schedule. Never free feed for you will end up with one obese pooch. This will also help in disciplining your pet.

Whether you choose to later on stop using commercial dog food and instead prepare your dog's meals at home or not, you should stick to 1-2 cups of dog food per meal three times a day until your Beagle is 6 months old.
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