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Gagging cough, sneezing, reverse sneeze, boogers! HELP!!!!!

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Hello, my name is Laura and I have a 6 year old beagle, Fats. He has serious respiratory issues. I have tried just about everything, short of getting a $1200 rhinoscopy. I am at my wit's end. I have tried natural remedies, such as nettle and an oil with eucalyptus and other natural ingredients. I have changed his food to a cool digestion formula to alleviate any allergic reactions in his tummy. I have even gone as far to give him Benadryl or over the counter allergy medications with an OK by a veterinarian and given as prescribed. He has this horrible dry cough and frequently his cough will lead to gagging, if not every time. I have a humidifier in the house that runs constantly throughout the winter and I use fragrance free detergent. I am a clean person and we do not smoke in the house. HELP!!!! What else could it be? A heart condition? Do I have unknown mold somewhere in my house? Stronger allergy medicine? It's been going on for almost 3years and I don't want him to have such a hard time all the time! Thank you
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I am so sorry he isn't feeling well. Are there other symptoms besides the respiratory? My Oliver has started coughing when he wakes up and i want to get his heart checked soon. He has been laying around more than usual. It's so hard when they aren't well and you can't figure out why.
Hello Mom2Beagles!
Thank you so much for your reply! You are the only person that responded, do you think this is a common problem?
Please let me know when you have Oliver checked out, I would be interested to hear what your vet thinks!
I just looked to see where you live, have you thought about a humidifier? Maybe it's a little dry in the house due to weather and indoor heat? (The reason I say that is because I purchased a large unit humidifier and that has helped tremendously with my Beagle's dry cough!)
If any of his symptoms are due to allergies, I would definitely try zyrtec and benadryl (though not at once). Zyrtec typically has a higher success rate than benadryl with dogs (they both work great for me!) and be sure to try the other if one doesn't work. I would stay away from any 'natural' remedies, and stick to what the vets say. Do you have any other pets that could corroborate that it's something in their immediate environment? You can try having your pup stay with a friend or family member for a week and see if that improves Fats' condition.
We do have a humidifier in the living room where the dogs spend most of their time. It's only Oliver at my house coughing, the other 2 are okay. His coughing is random too, mostly when he wakes from a nap. All three are snoring right now!
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