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garlic for dogs

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can you give garlic to dogs to kill mites inside
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joann ,

Give us a little more information ,

Ear mites or ear related problems.

Skin mites as in mange , there are several types.

Tell us about the dog's general health , shots , breed , age , diet , meds , heartworm prevention.

As for the "garlic" , I've had folks tell me they give their dog some garlic in moderation with diet. Whether or not your dog can take the garlic depends on many things such as allergy , very small dogs may have a problem. Some say garlic is toxic to dogs , however , it depends on the dog , on a scale of 1 to 10 the garlic is mostly on the lower end as far as toxic results. IMO...

Will it help mites? IDK... You could do a test with small amount and see how dog tolerates the garlic and check results as to the mites.


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Hi oldhounddog, thanks for answering my post. Cheebah my female terrier and retriever, who is my sweetheart, was born with demodex canis. Her mother had it. She had all her shots until september. She takes heart worm med ever month. She has phycox for joints and vitamins. She had the dip when she was younger. Sometimes ear mites. We couldnt afford dips this year. The doctor gave antibiotics, and shampoo. Its going away, but slowly to me. It seems when it gets very hot, and her immunity is low she breaks out. I never saw it this bad. I give her tablefood with her hard food mixed alot. Maybe i shouldnt since you have so many years of experience maybe you can tell me something. Thank you in advance.
Hi Joann ,

Glad you posted , I was wondering about those mites.....

Since you have a diagnosis from your vet for Demodex mange lets talk about helping your dog.

First how much does your dog weigh?

Please name the dogfood you use and mix table food with?

The antibiotics and medicated shampoo will help with the secondary infections that come along with demodex.

I am glad she is on Heartworm prevention meds. Would you please say what brand of HW med she is on?

I do not think that good table scraps are bad at all , I give them to our dogs. I can tell you care about your dog.

A weak immune system can cause break out at any time , hot weather causes stress and that will do it. You can help to improve this with certain foods.
Your dog will slowly develop a stronger immune system.

If your dog is a breed that can take Ivermectin it will help to cure it up. It is possible that even after the demodex is cleared up that you may still have an occasional flareup. You would just retreat.

The dips can be rough on dogs and if mange is around the eyes the the dip will not help because you can not get the dip around the eyes.

Has your Vet ever talked about treating the Demodex with Ivermectin?

Try to post a picture of the mange on your dog....................

Best , oldhounddog

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