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garlic for dogs

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can you give garlic to dogs to kill mites inside
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Garlic for dogs

Hi oldhounddog, thanks for answering my post. Cheebah my female terrier and retriever, who is my sweetheart, was born with demodex canis. Her mother had it. She had all her shots until september. She takes heart worm med ever month. She has phycox for joints and vitamins. She had the dip when she was younger. Sometimes ear mites. We couldnt afford dips this year. The doctor gave antibiotics, and shampoo. Its going away, but slowly to me. It seems when it gets very hot, and her immunity is low she breaks out. I never saw it this bad. I give her tablefood with her hard food mixed alot. Maybe i shouldnt since you have so many years of experience maybe you can tell me something. Thank you in advance.
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