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Giardia problem! Won't go away :(

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Our dog is a basset but hoping can find help here. She was finally diagnosed by us - not our vet - for Giardia. Out of desperation, we started doing internet search to find out why she was having chronic diarrhea. We saw this may be the problem and asked vet to test for it. She came back positive. He then prescribed some tubes of thick white paste stuff which was contained in injection tubes which we wrapped in deli meat slices so she'd eat it. It had no effect whatsoever so after a about a month we went back.

He then prescribed the medication Metronidazole. After that treatment, it seemed to help and we thought it was gone finally and so happy. We disinfected the porches with iodine and water, etc. Then after a few months, the occasional loose stools became more frequent and then projectile diarrhea started and we knew it was back.

We took in stool sample and was positive. He gave us another 5 days worth of that Metronidazole with instructions to give two tablets once a day. After her last day of it, she was still having the diarrhea. So we called to bring in a stool sample and get more treatment and were told not to bring in sample as there was nothing they could tell at that point and for us to wait a week or so before testing her again. Well with her projectile diarrhea every few days, we did not want to wait so within a week we got the fish zole we read about on this website and started a re-peat treatment. Tomorrow morning we will be finishing her up on her second round of 5 day treatment. We have given her one tablet every 12 hours (total 2 tabs p/day). Tomorrow morning in the AM will she will be finished with that 5 day treatment.

Today, she just went outside and had another projectile diarrhea. We are heartsick as it appears she is still infected. We don't know what to do now. We have lost faith in the vet we were using as (1) WE had to diagnose her initially and he never even suggested a giardia test, (2) the dose he prescribed last time was for 2 tablets ONCE per day and everywhere else we have seen it recommended to that you give them 2 tablets total per day but to space the two tabs 12 hours apart. So total per 24 hour day is only 2 tablets. This is the way we did it first time a few months ago and the way we did it this last time.

But because she is still having the projectile violent diarrhea, we feel certain she is still infected. We are reluctant to give her a 3rd dose without the advice of someone who knows about this. Please help! We are so worried about her. She has days she will not eat and other days she can't eat enough. But she is not gaining weight. We have a 2nd dog in the house who has no signs - has never had signs of Giardia but we treated her just in case.
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Yes, it seems I have it also. Cannot EVER get a positive diagnosis from any of several Vets. WE also diagnosed it ourselves. I am trying to find a new source for the drug: TINIDAZOL, a drug related to Metronizole, but once a day dosing and only for 3 - 5 days.
Try using Safe Guard there is one for goats but it's the same for dogs 1ml for every four pounds.
Try using Safe Guard there is one for goats but it's the same for dogs 1ml for every four pounds.
Or more easily, measure out 1 ml (1cc) liquid Safeguard goat 10% solution fenbendazole per five pounds of dog. I’m not a vet, but this is my vets recommendation. Treat for three consecutive days. Five for a serious case. There are baby dosing syringes at drug stores or Walmart, or order a measuring (no needle!) syringe from Amazon. The goat Safeguard is available on Amazon, too, it’s liquid. Panacur brand is granules, but it doesn’t matter. Mix in small amount of food you are confident your dog will eat. Same exact ingredient as Panacur (fenbendazole) only cheaper. I find that’s the only thing that really gets rid of giardia. It’s off label for giardia, but my very excellent vet turned me on to it ages ago. Also gets rid of many other worms, tape, round, etc.
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