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Hi everyone,

We are a true beagler family. We currently have two beagles, Lexx who is 7 years old male, who is a tricolor and a devoted friend. Then we have Miss Millie who is 6 and she is a female who is also a tri color. We rescued her from a "breeder" who had not treated her well, and so she is quite timmid. However she has a very affectionate nature and together with Lexx they are devoted companions doing everything together.

We have had two beagles previously
Ben who we had from a pup was a tricolor and a great companion. He lived to be 15 yrs old, and probably would have gone on except he had cushings disease and eventually that led to fits, so we had to very sadly say good by to him. Even though it is a year ago now I still miss him.
Then there was Zak a lemon and white beagle, a fine looking dog with a great temperament . Unfortunately he developed epilepsy and while we were able to control it for a couple of years, it steadily progressed and we came to the fateful night when he went into a fitting cascade and we could not stop it. We took him to hospital and he survived for two days while they tried to bring it back to control but the big fellas heart just could not take it. So we lost him at just age 5.

So we are huge fans of beagles. love the temperament, the cheeky nature, the devoted companionship and the intelligence of the dogs.:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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