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Greetings from Michigan

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Hi Fellow Beagle lovers!

I am Kris from Mich. My husband and I have a passion for Beagles. It all started 8 years ago when a friend begged me to take a 6 month old female off her hands. The pup was destroying her home and escaping on a daily basis. At that time we had a Senior Chihuaua, and when I asked my husband how he felt about rescuing this pup, he responded: "Well I always wanted a Beagle.." And that's how it all started. When our Chihuaua passed away, we knew we had to get our Baylee another pack mate. Along came Beagle number 2; Jo Jo. We rescued her from a local rescue. She had always lived in a tiny cage outside....Who does that???? Beagle #3 arrived when my mother could not resist the face of an adorable 12 week old pup who was desperately searching for a home. My mom said: "I know just the place for him!" We barely survived this rambunctious boy, and my furniture did not survive!! But it was love at first sight for that little guy and I. Beagle #4 caught my eye on the internet, the spellbinding lured me right in. I kept seeing this guy on the web, and nobody every adopted him. He was a blood donor, and former sire. A lab animal! I had to have Tyrone, and we brought him home. This guy had never been outdoors, let alone felt the affection of a warm human.

So here we are with our pack of four! They are spoiled beyond belief, and loved to pieces, as every Beagle should be!

I look forward to hearing from all you and your wonderful Beagle tales:)

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