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Greetings new to site, but not beagles

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Hi, my name is Cathy. We have had three beagles and have loved the little howlers to pieces. Our first was a bagel, half beagle half basset. What a beautiful boy. He passed over the bridge in 2008 of addison's disease. Very tough time for the whole family. Our second beagle boy was given to us by my boss as a "gift" in finding a sire for his female beagle. Cobi is a wonderful senior dog, now 11. A little more aggressive than any of our boys, but a wonderful loving guy. Casie, came to us as a breeders best hound, but he has a large chest bone, which made him unsuitable to show. But we love him, and don't care about his big bones...he's a honey of a boy, very affectionate and learning much from Cobi. I am married to Bill, and we have two grown human boys.I am a SAHM/CEO of the house. We are currently looking for another beagle boy...a pup this time. Casie came to us as a 13 month old...and we have had to house break him from day one...still working on it at 3 years.

I look forward to meeting all of you.
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