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As of yesterday, I am a new beagle owner--so new, in fact, that my beagle doesn't yet have a name!

My husband got her from our animal shelter and she appears to be 100% beagle. We're having her spayed tomorrow. She is very pretty, so I'm contemplating the name "Bella." In September, I had to put down our greyhound that we'd had for 10 years. Going to the park without him, coming home to no dog in the house, and not having my dog to love on has really left a hole in my life. My heart, however, is big enough to love another dog. I'm here to find out as much as I can about beagles and to ask questions to help me better understand how to live with our dog. The only information the shelter had on her was that some people found her as a stray, held on to her for a few days to see if anyone would come looking for her, then she was eventually brought in to the shelter. The shelter kept her for a period of time to see if the owners would come looking for her. After that frame of time passed, she was put up for adoption and my husband adopted her the same day!
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