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So my new 4 month old puppy and I have been inseperable since I got him about 2 months ago. He's been pretty much an angel, but still a rambuncious little baby.
I take him everywhere with me. To work, for car rides, and walks. I even have him sleep in my bed along with my chihuahua.
The only problem is that he recently started howling whenever I leave him. I feel like it's a little late in the game for him to suddenly have anixety because he was fine prior a week and a half ago. I can't even go into the garage and shut the door without him starting to how if I don't come back 15 seconds later.

I've tried to ignore him and I have no idea how long he carries on once I leave the house. I'm fine with him howling if a garbage truck drives by or if he hears something, just not every time I'm away. Any advice?
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