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heart worm

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When using Ivomec as a heartworm preventative, how early can you start giving this to puppies or what is the earliest age you can give the Ivomec to a dog?
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I have an American bulldog along with several other dogs. My Am. Bulldog is 17 week old female. Even though I gave her the 7&1 shot EXACTLY as advised, one day before her last shot was due she got PARVO! It was horrible. We took her to get and she wanted between 300 and 600$ for a week of treatment! We could not afford that and since they go home and leave pets there alone during the night we decided she would get more hands on care with us. So, 6 days later after IV therapy ( I'm a nurse ), antibiotics, antiemetics, and ZERO sleep she has recovered. Now I told you all this to tell you they diagnosed her with dermodentic mange and she it losing the hair on her face and forehead due to immune suppression from PARVO.
Please advise me as to how to treat the mange, treatment and dose, AND what doses to use for heartworm preventative for ally dogs. Also, where to purchase it? We have a Macon tractor supply here where I was able to purchase the vaccines for my dogs and cats. They supply medications, foods, etc for all size animals. Do you think they would have it or of where do you purchase yours? Can I order it online?
I'm so sorry this has been such a long message but I want to get everything just right. Our Am. Bulldog is to be a service dog for my husband. He's 46 and just had 2 strokes. So I want to take the best care of her and All my animals that I can and also afford with the huge medical bills we have incurred since his first stroke in Jan.
Thank you so much for all your help,
Miss Lady's Mama
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She has a confirmed case of demodetic mange. They did a stool specimen when we took her in for the parvo and came back in and told us she had it. They explained that's why her head was broken out and probably flaired up due to immuno suppression from parvo. They said there was some medicine she could take for 2 months that should take care of it but wouldn't discuss it until she recovered from parvo.
She weighed 21 lbs when she went in to vet but I would say 25 lb now that she is recovering.
She eats very well we have been adding chicken and the broth to her beneful every day to entice her appetite.
She drinks lots of water and always has.
She also gets 1/2 cup of plain yogurt daily. I read in several
To continue. I somehow lost the end of my message. Sorry, I'm new at this.
I have read in several sites online about am. Bulldogs and yeast problems with skin and ears. The treatment they advised for her ears has worked wonders so I have been following their suggestions about plain yogurt. I thought the rash on her forehead was the yeast they described and did not know about the mange until the vet told me. I would like to treat her mange with the treatment you have and then treat her and our other 3 dogs of all different weights for heartwo em preventative. I just need to know medication, dose, and administering instructions. Also approximately how much is the medication?
I'm sorry but with the medical bills from my husbands strokes and Miss Lady's treatment for her parvo, that's a question that I need to ask. We will have to get it just better to be prepared.
Thank you sincerely for all your help!
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