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Breeds affected by the MDR1 mutation (frequency %)

Breed Approximate Frequency
Australian Shepherd 50%
Australian Shepherd, Mini 50%
Border Collie < 5%
Collie 70 %
English Shepherd 15 %
German Shepherd 10 %
Herding Breed Cross 10 %
Long-haired Whippet 65 %
McNab 30 %
Mixed Breed 5 %
Old English Sheepdog 5 %
Shetland Sheepdog 15 %
Silken Windhound 30 %

check out this site...

Notice that the dose of ivermectin in Heart Guard Plus for dogs is in micrograms........

I dose all my dogs in micrograms and it is very easy to do. My vet says that that the dose for HW prevention is so small in Heart Guard that in his opinion even collie breeds can take Heart Guard in a given weight range.

I use Ivomec (ivermectin) and dilute for easy dosing in dogs.

Caution .... Do not use Ivomec Plus it contains chemicals that could hard your dog !!!

If you would like easy and accurate diluting help please post back.

Best , oldhounddog.
Hi, I am looking at start treating my dogs with Norometin 1% ivermectin. I know on the box of tri heart plus it contains 272mcg of ivermectin for my large dog. So do I use 272mcg straight out of the bottle of ivermectin and put it on the food or something he will eat?.. thanks.
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