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Heat Cycle?

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I'm fairly new to beagling. I have an 11 month old bitch that went into heat last week.
When is it safe to get her back into the woods?
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They are the most fertile around 10 to 14 days give or take a few days. When you see her tail go the right or left of her body, she is flagging and saying "i'm ready". Every dog is a bit different. Keep track on the calendar of the day she started spotting, then you count from there. Three weeks is a bit too early but as Aarooogh! said 24 days is better. If the swelling in her vulva is not really smaller or she is still spotting, wait longer.
Today is Sept. 8....she might be flagging, wanting to go outside alot and howl to call other dogs.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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