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I registered 20 Nov. I lost my Beagle in 2005 due to illness. Ive just been putting off getting another dog, although I do want one. Im now 68 and dont know if I could handle the training and time and walking involved in caring for a new dog. I have bad knees and back so walking long distances is difficult.

I dont think I would get a puppy as that would be too much with the training involved, but its difficult to find a good older (3-5 year old) that would be a good companion and housebroken. I dont want one that is too old as I dont think I could go through loosing another pet. I lost my son in 2008, he was 43. Just too much loss in too little time.

I just moved into a new house with my partner (also loves Beagels), with a 100x85 yard so he/she would have room to play supervised as no fence. So would probably make a run for him with a cable. Any thoughts or ideas?
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