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Hello from Australia

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Hi Everyone,

Wow, I am so glad to come across this forum! After reading some threads I have discovered that my Beagle, Hugo, is not the only one who destroys things!!
I bought Hugo from a dodgy backyard breader from here in Oz and I fell in love with him after he fell asleep on my handbag. After I left I realised I had done him a favour because his current living conditions were terrible.
Hugo has changed my life...Some good and some bad!! I am much more active, we go to dog school, the dog park, doggy day care once per week, the Beach and just joined a Beagle club here which do tracking and all sorts of fun!! He is very active indeed and just never seems to tire!! But I love him all the same....
How very quickly they become your best friend and who can resist that face!!
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wow an ausie,how cool is that.glad you love your dog honey,keep up the good work your doing the right thing.p.s. love the beach i'm from buffalo,ny.friggin cold
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