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Hello from Australia

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Hi Everyone,

Wow, I am so glad to come across this forum! After reading some threads I have discovered that my Beagle, Hugo, is not the only one who destroys things!!
I bought Hugo from a dodgy backyard breader from here in Oz and I fell in love with him after he fell asleep on my handbag. After I left I realised I had done him a favour because his current living conditions were terrible.
Hugo has changed my life...Some good and some bad!! I am much more active, we go to dog school, the dog park, doggy day care once per week, the Beach and just joined a Beagle club here which do tracking and all sorts of fun!! He is very active indeed and just never seems to tire!! But I love him all the same....
How very quickly they become your best friend and who can resist that face!!
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Hello and welcome to you and Hugo. Sounds like he hit the jackpot when you found him and took him home. All those activities you are involved in with him should help keep his mind and body active and out of trouble :)
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