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I am not from a hunting home and came into hunting when I was 20 and I got my second Basset hound and decided to try field trials. I liked it so much I started to rabbit hunt the and obsession was started. I hunted/trailed the basset for almost a decade. I lost my young basset at 2, who my first from field lines and decided to replace him with another dog from hunting stock but that time I bought a redbone/beagle/terrier cross, he's going on 2 now and although he has a lot of maturing to do still he is an all around hunter but prefers things that go over his head, (i.e. squirrels and pheasants ) So I convinced my husband to let me get a beagle (read I brought home a puppy without him knowing). The pup is only 14 wks old and I've only had him for about 4 wks, but he's chasing and scenting a rabbit hide drag around the yard. I want to try beagle gundog brace trials and also learn more about trailing and hunting rabbit dogs from all the more experienced persons on this forum. I'm from Southwest PA, specifically Greensburg and hope to also join a beagle club soon.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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