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Hello from Utah!

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Hello everyone!

My wife, our beagle Mable, and I live in Utah. We're both artists (I'm a designer and my wife is an illustrator). Mable hasn't yet decided on a profession, but she enjoys eating, running, hiking, playing ball, sniffing and howling at the squirrels she sees through our windows. At the moment, she's snoring loudly, which brings up a budding laziness problem. I'd better get off the computer now and go get the leash.
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LOL Welcome Utahans! I love hearing about you, and Mable, take your time on that search for the right occupation. Mom and Dad will be happy to support you for your lifetime. Take it easy. <g>

Great to have you join us! We'll be sure to contact you guys when we have any design or art related questions! Haha Marble sounds like a load of fun too!
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