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Hello I am Bella and with me is my 2 yr F old Red Tick Beagle Molly

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Molly and I want to say Hello to you and let you know we are looking forward to meeting other Beagle owners and make some new friends and learn some new things as this is my first dog and Molly's third 3rd home. I am her forever friend and I want to learn as much as I can to make her stay with me as comfortable and happy for her as possible.


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Hi Moms

Hi Ladies,
Thanks for the welcome. We are not 100% sure where Molly came from? Her 1st yr of life must of been a good home as she was trained by the time the 2nd family got her. We are thinking she got off her leash and ran - she loves to sniff and run and run and run... we think she just ran and got lost. Her arrival at the Sault - Ste Marie, Ontario SPCA CND is where she ended up when someone found her wandering the woods.
She was at the SPCA for a while as the previous owner told me she had one week left and then it was off to the euthanasia room. The woman begged her husband not to let them do it, and took her home got her fixed , shots etc. She never planned to give up Molly however, her husband worked 12 hours days her teen age son is in hockey 5 nights a week and she had a pt job which left Molly in a cage almost 8 hours a day.
She posted the dog for sale and I wasn't even looking for a pet. I just saw the picture and I was hooked. I called the number to inquire and when the woman answered the phone she was in tears she asked me, "are you the one who has been sending me mean emails about wanting to give my dog up?" I replied, no I just saw the ad and thought I would call you and ask you about the situation. She was in tears so I asked her to get a glass of water and Kleenex and to breath and tell me about how she was feeling. Once she saw I was truly interested in her and wanted to listen she opened up and told me the dog was too much work and was needy and they had a busy life and she just didn't want to give up the dog but knew it wasn't fair to Molly. I still wasn't sure I wanted a dog as it was a huge commitment and her honesty helped me bring that into focus of what I would be taking on if I choose to go meet her.
We made plans to meet the following Saturday a nice bright Fall day in October and we drove the 40 minutes to the country. We arrived and it was like I was meant to be there. We stayed for almost 2 hours, talked and played with the dog and took her for a walk and she was just a real gem.
Once the visit was over we left and talked about it and all agreed we would take Molly and finally give her a forever home.
The following weekend was our Canadian Thanksgiving so I called and asked if we could pick her up after the holiday as there would be too much excitement and people to bring home a new pet.
To this day I remain friends with Cheryl and we talk occasionally on facebook and on the phone and when she comes to town she ofter just drops by to say hi to Molly and I think it's ok for her to come by and see her pal and know she is in a loving home with people who walk her, play with her and dress her up silly at times. Molly came into our lives and has brought us together as a whole family. There is less selfishness in my home and more selflessness. Molly brought us what we needed and since Thanksgiving there has only been one argument in the house but it lasted only 5 min vs' 5 days and I contribute it to Molly bringing us together and seeing life is too fragile and short to waste on idling on issues that don't allow us to be in the moment and live life one moment or day at a time...
Thanks Molly we love you for loving us.

Bella, Claude and CJ.
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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