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Hello new Beagle owner here

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I have a 1yr old male beagle. Trying to get him to go for rides as I want to take him camping and hiking but he gets car sick. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Did you just get him or has he been getting sick since he was a puppy? Lot of dogs start out being car sick but get over it with time. My first beagle was terribly sick in the car for the first 5-6 months we had him and then over time he stopped completely. Molly also was very car sick from nerves when we first got her but now she is a great rider. My brother's new dog was getting car sick and he used ginger capsules which are all natural and they helped a lot.

Try some sort rides with a window open a bit. Try to be sure he doesn't eat, take meds or drink water right before the ride.
Thanks, I will try short rides I think it may be his nerves as he shakes alittle in the car but then settles down. We just adopted him 2 weeks ago from a shelter he's 1yrs old.Very good dog, house trained loves cats and kids.
If you only had him a few weeks then I have high hopes that the car sickness will let up quickly! When Molly used to get sick in the car I would put a layer or two of towels under her, made for easier clean up! Didn't take long for her to be an excellent car rider.
None of my beagles have been "car sick" - however, I did have a Lab/Shepherd who got car sick when she was a puppy. She did outgrow it though, fairly quickly.
I have a a 4 y/o and 12 y/o...neither get car sick but the latter we tried taking to NC to visit relatives and it was the worst 26 hours spent in a car as she did not stop yelping the entire time. When the 12 y/o was younger I would put her in a crate and she did she is old and gets really anxious.
I had the same problem with my female, Mattie. I started taking her on short rides to the houses of friends and family. I gradually started taking longer routes there and she finally grew out of her car sickness. I can now take her long distances without any trouble. This process probably took me about 6 months.
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