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Hello New To Your Forum

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Hello my name is, Nicole. My boyfriend has a 18 week old beagle. We are trying to get advice and training ideas for the little guy. (=
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BubbaTheBeagle ,

Welcome to the forum . When you have time take a look around as we have many forum sections from health care to nutrition and just about anything you would need for a Beag.
You will find many proud Beagle owners with special tips for you as you wonder through puppyhood. Please don't forget to pot a pic of your new Beag , we love em.
As for the training , your life will be made much easier with a puppy obedience class if you can swing it. This helps your new Beage in many ways that will become self-evident in time and will also serve as a bonding activity , and , you will learn together. Your Beag will be happy knowing he is learning and doing a good job.

Please post any questions we can help with.


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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