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...I am the proud owner of two beagle & sister...that are about 7 monthes old now! They are double trouble! The boy Patches is laid back & fully potty trained...except when it rains..he hates getting wet! He hates to sleep in the crate so we have lost the war on that so they sleep with us..which is alright with me. I am used to having my animals sleep in the bed. He has a loving relaxed personality. My Trixie..the sister...never stops! She needs to run a lot & would have been a good hunting dog. She thinks on her feet & can not be trusted!! She is very independant in nature...which I hear is common in the females. She is my trouble and keeps the family on our toes!
We have decided on a grain free diet for the pups because of the loss of our beautiful lab Marley to mast cell cancer. We believe that the food we fed her helped contribute to her demise..not this time. I am finding that they eat anything and are very fond of fruits & vegetables!
My new friends have saved me! They are loving, smart animals that have become a part of our family.
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