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:confused:I have a litter four week old beagle pups 7 in all, the mother has removed four of the pups from her doghouse and put them it the doghouse next to hers in the kennel. I tried to move them back but she just splits them up agian.
Why is she doing this, and will she continue to feed the pups she has moved.
I am worried about the pups, I beleive the Sire to these pups is sleeping with them for warmth but I am not possitive on that.
Its getting down into the thirtys tonight .
Should I lock the mom in the brooding house with all the pups.
I have a feeling she may kill them. She removed two other pups early on 1 and 2 weeks after birth. ate the first and had a hard time getting the second one back. She have food and water at all times and ten teits to feed them with. Please help I'm stumped.
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