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Hi everyone! I'm Sarah and I'm a super proud "mom" of a Beagle puppy named Fiona. She's a birthday present from my daughter :D She said Fiona will make an excellent companion when I go on my daily walks.

Fiona is super spoiled at home but she's well-behave when we take on the trails.

Hoping to meet more Beagle "moms" and "dads" here ;)
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I love your name, Snoopy! I'm new and eager to chat about one of my favorite dog breeds. I have a passion for beagles. I don't have one this second, but I'm really hoping to get another. I've had two and the love that they gave me fills my soul.

Welcome, Sarah. Fiona sounds wonderful and you really sound like a proud momma. Fiona is happy to have you!
So nice to have you join us Snoopy!
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