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Hello my name is Dante and I am a proud pet owner with a beagle, one shiatsu and one cat. I am in the process of creating a mobile application for pet enthusiasts such as myself. I wanted to create an area for pet owners to conveniently find items for their pets at one place or good advice from other pet enthusiast of which products to use such as foods, pet hotels, restaurants etc, while connecting with other pet owners who create profiles that have a full description of their pet on there profile page. As well as news feed of pet owners taking pictures and videos of there pets as they share there private time with their pets. It will create a community and a opportunity for pet owners to expand there knowledge of pet branded items as well as sharing their pet moments with their friends. Persons would also be able to promote events such as dog shows etc. The app will work similar to facebook using a add friend system instead of receiving pictures/ videos/newsfeed from random persons.

I want feed back from the Pet community about what you think of this idea and any healthy criticism is welcomed.

Thank You
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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