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Help Boyfriend's Beagle is Driving me to Drink ;-)

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I recently moved in with my boyfriend who owns a 6 year old beagle named Luna. I am not very experienced with dogs, and not the biggest fan of them either, but I have grown to care about her. Luna my boyfriend's ex wives' dog, but she was unable to take him. Luna in my opinion was not given any discipline. My boyfriend gives in to Luna's every need. When we eat Luna has been allowed to sit in front of us and grunt...I find myself speed eating because her staring and grunting while we eat is annoying. I cannot go into the kitchen without Luna getting anxious about times she literally is spazzing about food being taken out. Each time we eat she does the same thing..scratches at the door, so she can be let out to pee so she can get a cookie. My boyfriend will jump up and let her out no matter how many times Luna scratches (even in the middle of the night). Luna is allowed to sleep in the bed and at her comfort level not ours. Luna is always on the couch between us or on top of my boyfriend..usually trying to lick. Luna excessively licks...not just a friendly lick on the face but nonstop slurping and licking, and my boyfriend is allowing it. I later found out that his ex would encourage this behavior. I feel like Luna is in constant need of attention and is getting on my nerves. I understand that I must learn to tolerate some things, but something tells me Luna has been running the show for far too long. I would like some input and also tips on how to teach an old dog new tricks ;-)
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Thank you for your input wishbone ;-) That is a good idea. My guess is consitancy is important. Is it possible to teach an adult dog? My boyfriend said its a beagle's nature to be food driven because of their breed. I have several friends with dogs, although not beagles do not act like this when food is around.
Yes I do walk Luna (although lately my desire to do so has been squelched because she is on my nerves), and feed her at the scheduled times. We both can tell she has grown attached to me. My boyfriend seems concerned if we do not jump up and let her out every time she scratches that she will go on the floor. She has done this, but that usually happens at night less than a handful of times. Luna was also use to getting a cookie if she went pee outside at 2-3AM!!! We recently agreed that this must stop. She still gets up at 3am but there is no treat for doing so.

How should I begin to work on the begging portion?
Thank you SO much for that advice. I plan on implementing some of your ideas. I agree being fed while we eat is not a good idea. I guess its much like being a parent...consitancy and patience!
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